325 Summit Ave E #2
Seattle, WA 98102
(206) 783-0626

I am a user experience and visual designer seeking a director or senior level design position.

I have a deep interest in brand psychology and positive marketing, conceptual and product design, user experience and interactive design, flash development and prototyping, web design and media.

I am a holistic thinker best suited for big picture concepts and creative direction. I consider my greatest qualities to be my flexibility, broad scope of interest and ability to master new technologies quickly along with my ability to grasp complex systems and synthesize diverse concepts.


Web Design

Hand Coding HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Flash development and animation, Actionscript, Experience with CGI languages, DOM scripting/interactivity, SEO optimization, user studies, data driven design.


Maya Unlimited, Adobe CS4, Flash Pro, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Sound Forge


Digital SLR, color correction, prepress, and printing. DV production, all phases. Professional experience with traditional photography from 35mm-large format. Color and B/W printing from slide and negative. Lighting design for still and video production.


Bachelors of Fine Arts - 2000
Ohio University (Athens, OH)
Fine Arts Dean’s Scholarship (One meritorious recipient per year)
Edna Way Scholarship (Also a single meritorious honor)

--Additional Education

Marshall University
(Huntington, WV) Software Design, Psychology, Philosophy, Anthropology, Sociology, English, VisCom - 1992-96
Editor of the Escalade, Parthenon Photographer, Fiction Editor

University of New Orleans
(New Orleans, LA) Fine Arts - 1997-98
Art Director of the Ellipsis

Forfar Field Station
(Andros Island, Bahamas) - 1997
Marine Biology Research full summer scholarship


3D Interaction-UX / UI Designer - Microsoft - Turn 10 Studios (Redmond, WA)
Created interactive 3D world space UI, animations, and virtual UX (for Kinect) for the upcoming Xbox racing sim, Forza Motorsport 4 (Best of E3 2011, Most Anticipated Game of E3 2011). I also created the world tour and racing HUD and assisted on the top level game UI.

Creative Director / Lead Designer - Real Networks (Seattle, WA)
Redesigned and deployed the Games D2C flagship website taking the D2C business from $10 to $40 million in revenue. Rebuilt the creative team from scratch and created a light agile process to manage workflow. Created extensive user studies and marketing research projects to inform user centric design. Designed social gaming strategies and products to become a global leader in social gaming. Created new brands within the social, casual and mid/core demo. Oversaw all creative production and customer facing projects on a team of 100+ developers and designers. Created new revenue strategies in advertising, DLPR, social, and D2C/merch optimization. Migrated 120k subs ($14.4 mill annual revenue) from one site/brand to another at 99% success.

Senior Web Designer - Blue Frog Media (Seattle, WA)
Managed company’s online creative properties, designed and built websites, landing pages, and deployment systems for rapid marketing implementation in a web/mobile/IVR based environment. Interior design, industrial design, print design, tradeshow design, flash design, video production, TV interface design, original TV programming with viewer interactive games in Flash.

Creative Director / Interactive Designer - Infinium Labs (Seattle, WA)
UI, UX and interactive design for TV and screen, conceptual design, graphic design, Flash design/prototyping, DV and editing, art production/asset management, 3D Modeling in Maya 6, Industrial Design, packaging.

Founder/Director - My Feral Angel (Seattle, WA)
Founded My Feral Angel which serves as both a workspace and fine art gallery in Pioneer Square’s TK building. MFA fosters local artist’s work in a not-for-profit environment.

Internet District Inventory Manager - Half Price Books (Seattle, WA)
Responsible for 9 stores in the WA district and assisted with 81 stores nationwide. District liaison for rare and antiquarian books and used software sales. Instore antiquarian/used book dealer.

Co-Founder - Penumbrae Gallery (Seattle, WA)
Co-founder of Penumbrae Gallery, an artist run non-profit gallery co-op for installation artists

Web Designer - Penumbrae Web Design (various, telecommute)
Designed commercial websites using HTML, XML, JavaScript, Flash, and CGI (PERL, PHP)

Slide Photographer - Ohio University School of Art VRL (Athens, OH)
In charge of slide production of lecture materials, artist's portfolios, general book archival.

Art Director - University of New Orleans (New Orleans, LA)
Collected and edited the visual portion of the Ellipsis Annual, a collection of fiction, poetry, and fine art, including the page design, original cover art, and all aspects of printing/pre-press.