Recently I submitted a Google 3 Hour Design Challenge. The problem: "An engineer at Google has found a way to get real-time gas prices across the country." and from this I had to develop an analysis, create mockups to show how I would solve the problem, and break the project up into a 3 month design timeline. The result was presented on a site.

You can see the site for my solution here: Google Design Challenge.

New feature integrated into existing Map Directions product.

New feature integrated into direct search.

I spent a good deal of time at Real Networks analyzing and creating strategy to move the company into the social networking space. These are a few illustrations for a paper I wrote analyzing their current approach with my recommendations.

Recommended Social Strategy

Current Social Direction

My design and UX for was so successful that Real decided to transition their flagship site,, to it. This included migrating 120k subscribers with a net annual revenue of $14.4 million. After a few dismal trials I convinced them to go with this simple migration experience and catch any fall off at secondary interaction points like purchase. This increased our initial 50% incomplete to 99% success.

Users remain on the same stationary overlay for the entire experience.

Migration UX

I wrote a series of papers around the "Social Object Content Paradigm" in early 2008 in an attempt to convince the game studio to integrate cross-social currency across a series products in a "game-array" that focused content on target audience and mechanic on monetization style. This would create horizontal array support ("synergy") without vertical channel dependency.

You can download and read my initial proposal here.

Cross Platform Social Object Content Concept


I created a social networking proposal for Amazon's "IMDB for music" that attempted to refocus their target market to enthusiasts and create a social product that satisfied the 5 key social needs of those users while bridging their satellite products and filling facebook blue ocean for independent artists.

Download that proposal here.

Greybox Social App Concept for

I conceptualized and built a 3-D user interface for the Phantom console system. The UI went through various stages, starting at a simple more traditional UI to a full three dimensional world with skinnable user homes and visually quantatative search and browse.

V2 concepts

v3 concepts